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Home > Blog > What is the difference between the prayer mat and wall mat: Find the best one from Nusuki!

What is the difference between the prayer mat and wall mat: Find the best one from Nusuki!

What is the difference between the prayer mat and wall mat: Find the best one from Nusuki!

What is the difference between the prayer mat and wall mat: Find the best one from Nusuki!


Do you love to pray? To express our gratitude to the Almighty, we should pray daily. And when we talk about prayer, the need for a prayer mat comes around. Today not only the prayer rug, but we are also going to talk about wall mats too. Would you like to have a wall mat for the home? Nusuki is offering you some of the best wall mats (For ex: gym wall mats, rubber wall mats, etc.) as well as a prayer mat. Let's take a look at them!


What are prayer mats?

The prayer mat is a mat or rug that people use to pray. Both Muslims and Christians use prayer mats. In Islam, prayer mat is an essential piece of fabric that needs to be clean and considered as a holy thing. People place it on the ground, sit on them, and pray.


What is the wall mat?

Wall mat is a decorative piece of art that people generally use to enhance their home's beauty. The wall mat can contain pictures, words, or any other things in it. There are different types of wall mat, like- wooden, metal, clothes made, etc. In short, the wall mat is a part of home decoration.


What is the fundamental difference between the prayer mat and the wall mat?

The difference between prayer mat and wall mat can clearly be understood from their name. Both of them serve a different purpose.

The prayer mat, is known as a salah rug. Muslim people use the mat for their daily prayer. The prayer mat is hugely used in other religions too. Still, Muslim prayer mat is mostly known to the world.

On the other hand, a wall mat is used to decorate the wall. It is mainly a piece of recreation. You can even use the same pattern of your prayer mat in the wall mat too.

Interestingly, history tells that many people used to use the prayer mat to decorate their walls. Though the practice comes from the Ottoman Empire and the Mughals, a beautifully carved and designed wall mat inspired by the prayer mat serves the purpose.


History of prayer mat

The early Christian people used prayer mats. But the origin of prayer mat has a controversy with Islam. Our Prophet used to pray on Khumrah. The Khumrah is made of palm fronds. The culture was practiced for so long that people worldwide have started using it in the 14th century.

During the Mughal, Ottoman, and Safavid dynasty, the practice of using prayer mats flourished. At present prayer, the mat is known as Sajjādataṣ-ṣalāt, Pasahapan, Jahnamaz, Sajadah, and Namazlyk around the world.

As time went by, changes have been made in the prayer mat. You can now enjoy the pocket sejadah, portable sejadah, smart prayer rug, thick padded prayer mat, etc. from the market.

Though different religions have used a prayer mat, the importance of using prayer mat in other faith has almost been stopped with the phase of time.


How to choose a good prayer mat?

To choose a good prayer mat, you should go through some basic things. That is-



In Islamic culture, different geometrical patterns, floral patterns, Islamic landmarks, like- Al-Aqsa Mosque, Ka'aba, etc. shape gets used in prayer mats. Mainly, the design of the rug depends hugely on the place it is made. But in most prayer rugs, the shape of Mihrab is used.



Another important thing about a prayer rug is its size. Typically, the available size of prayer mat is 2.5 ft × 4 ft (0.76 m × 1.22 m) - 4 ft × 6 ft (1.2 m × 1.8 m). As a Muslim needs to kneel while praying, the mat should have enough room to do that.



Typically prayer mats are made of silk and cotton. Yet, you can choose a hand-woven wool mat too. The ingredients of the prayer mat influence the user's health also. Some rugs contains multi-layer that reduce the person's body pressure.


Easy to clean

Islam always has prioritized being clean. As you should pray on a clean surface, choosing an easily cleanable prayer mat would be great for you.


Why is the Nusuki prayer mat and wall mat so special?

You, your kid, your mother, and father, may have different types of need from their prayer mat. Some may need a big rug, some may require a small one. While you may choose the hand-carved mat, your father may need something else to support his body pressure.

And that's why Nusuki is the perfect choice for you and your family. We ensure varieties of a prayer mat. Not only in the materials, but you will see the difference in the prayer mat's designs too. If you need a travel prayer rug, you will get it from us again.

Even if you are not considering the portable jahnamaz, there are several other things that you would love to experience from Nusuki. While you are using a prayer mat to give it to someone close as a gift, you must want something exceptional in it.

With the personalized prayer mat, Nusuki will provide you precisely what you want. So, do you want a floral prayer mat, padded prayer rug, memory foam janamaz, kid's prayer mat, or what? Besides all these variations, we offer prayer mats with the name too!

Whether it's the prayer mat or wall mat, you will love to use it once after buying the product from us!


Choosing only one prayer mat or wall mat among all the fantastic collections of Nusuki is a little bit tough. Yet, you can do it if you know about the need. So, do you want a wall mat for exercise, travel prayer mat with the bag, orthopedic prayer mat, or thick prayer mat? Which one do you need the most? Just know about your needs. Choosing a product will be a lot easier. We promise you. Nusuki will ensure you the best prayer mat and wall mat that you want!