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Home > Blog > The Best Dates For Your Health: Buy Ajwa from Nusuki!

The Best Dates For Your Health: Buy Ajwa from Nusuki!

The Best Dates For Your Health: Buy Ajwa from Nusuki!

The Best Dates for You Health: Buy Ajwa from Nusuki!


Do you love to eat Ajwa? There are different types of dates around the world. Have you tasted all of them? Not all, but you should taste once in your life for sure. And that is the Madinah MunwarrahAjwa.

What is so special about this Ajwa? You may be thinking about taste and structure, the smell of the date. Yes, you will get all of them from the Ajwa. It will seem more unique to you than the other dates. But another thing that will attract you towards Ajwa dates types is its health benefit. Not only are Ajwa dates for the heart good, if you buy originalAjwa it will alsoimprove your health in many other ways. So, are you ready to take a look at these premium ajwa dates?


What are AJWA dates?

If you are a fan of dates, then a fresh Ajwadate is a must-try date for you. It is soft, dry like Barni, Medjoolor, and Mabroom dates. It has a white line on the body. It may seem not lucrative, but it tastes excellent—Ajwa dates cultivated in Saudi Arab, mainly in Madinah Tayyiba. Ajwa  comes from most ancient date plants globally, which planted it in Saudi Arab. As popularity grew nowadays, many areas around the globe cultivate this Variety. People sometimes call it Ajuwa . It has a rich history and many health benefits. Although it is a little bit pricey, it is worth the money.


What are the benefits of Ajwaakhajur?

Ajwa dates are one of the premium and tasty dates around the world. But it does not only taste goods, but also it has lots of health benefits.

 The prophet Muhammad said

 "Whoever has seven Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be harmed on that day by poison or magic."

Source-Sahih al-Bukhari (5445) (5768) (5769) (5779) etc.

Not only in Islam also had science agreed that it has excellent food value. It is filled with various nutrients and minerals that will help the body to heal and grow. For example, it contains lots of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. We all know that they are one of the essential materials for our bodies. They help us reduce blood pressure, regulate fluid balance, make our bone stronger, and many more. Ajwa dates are easy to digest, stimulate the urine, and help the kidney work even better.

Ajwa dates also help us to prevent or cure cancer. Research showed that it acts as anti-tumor, potent antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. Also, many doctors prescribe Ajwa dates to heart patients for their natural effects on the heart. It can prevent anemia and protect from pellagra. Besides, you can use it to treat fatigue and dementia. Moreover, you can take it to get smooth skin and incredible eyesight.

Not only in disease Ajwa have dates also helped women during pregnancy. Research showed that it helps activate the womb muscles, assisting the woman in reducing post-natal bleeding and pain during delivery. Also, it is the small power pack that will give a woman full nutrition and minerals.

Diabetes is the most common and growing disease throughout the world. Although Ajwa dates are sweet, it doesn't have any effect on the diabetic patient. It has a fair amount of soluble fiber, which helps to prevent diabetics. Also, Ajwa dates have a low glycemic index. For its chewiness and longer time to eat makes it a good option for a diabetes patient to eat Ajwa dates on snakes.


Why should you buy ajwa dates online from Nusuki?

While in Makkah, you will find various brands that sell Ajwa dates. But the only difference between them and the product of Nusuki is, we serve the real ajwa dates. You can choose ajwakhajoor to buy online with Nusuki too. If you pure ajwa dates, you will also get it from us.

Are you worried about the price and going for ajwa wholesale? Nothing to worry. Whether you can buy AJWA dates 5kg or 1kg, in Nusukisiafaajwa dates, the price will be affordable for you. While buying for the family, every person wants to take the best. Especially if it's the Saudi ajwa dates, here we are to help you.

Find different types of pure ajwa dates and nuts from our store. Even if you want to give the dates to someone, we have excellent packaging to offer. Trust us and buy ajwa date gift box. Your friends and family will love it.


Have you still not bought the Ajwa? What are you waiting for? Just think about the fruit. While providing the best taste and effect, it ensures a healthy life at an affordable price too. A gift of health and happiness to your close ones- won't you like it to present? So, let's buy your favorite Ajwafrom Nusuki then!