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Nusuki Prayer Beads

Nusuki Prayer Beads

Nusuki Prayer Beads


Which prayer beads you should buy?

Beads can be of different types. You can choose the colorful ones for your ornaments or get the purely divine ones to pray. Not only for you, but you can buy prayer beads for your family and close ones as gifts too. Here, the question is- there are so many beads options in Nusuki. Which one should you choose for you and your family?


The history of Islam prayer beads

Beads always have been a very close part of religion, especially- Islam. Mostly known as Tasbih, beads were used in various cultures and locations in the world. You will find the prayer bead’s presence in Asia, Greece, America, Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, and many other geographical locations. It is considered as the source of divinely positive energy. In Islam, prayer beads are also known as Misbaha Tasbih.


Types of prayer beads

There are different types of prayer beads. They depend on the material type. You can find plastic beads, baltic amber tasbih, ivory tasbih, kerba stone tasbih, lapis lazuli rosary beads, Olive seeds beads, Ivory beads, Pearl beads, amber beads and different types of beads made of other stone.


Which types of prayer beads are the right ones for you?

Honestly, it isn’t the prayer beads that define you. It is you who would represent the prayer beads. While using with the right intention and for the right activities- you can choose any types of prayer beads. Still, people say about considering the right kind of color, shape, size, and energy. According to many, these things guide you in the best direction.

If you are buying the prayer beads for yourself, don’t hesitate to go for the first one that takes your heart away. While your intuition is to give the beads a gift, you can consider buying it according to the user’s age. Whatever the type is, it would always be the best way to follow your heart while buying prayer beads.


Why should you buy Prayer Beards from Nusuki?

Solely devoted to Allah, the primary purpose of Nusuki is to help people to serve the almighty. We try to make sure that our clients are getting their desired prayer beads to zikr Allah. From us, you will enjoy-

Cook Prayer Beads with Silver سبحةكوكبالفضة  , Cook Prayer Beads with Silver 3 سبحةكوكبالفضة ٣ , Ivory Silver Prayer Beads سبحةالعاجالمطعمةبالفضة , German Sandloos Prayer Beads سبحةالسندلوسالألماني , Kahraman Silver Prayer Beads سبحةالكهرمانالمطعمةبالفضة , Yusur Prayer Beads with Circles of Silver and Ivory سبحةمعدوائرمنالعاجوالفضة , Blue Sapphire and Ivory Prayer Beads سبحةبالزفيروالعاج , Green Amazonite and Ivory Prayer Beads  سبحة  أمازونيتأخضربالعاج , Green Amazonite with Silver Prayer Beads سبحةأمازونيتأخضربالفضة , Marjan Silver Prayer Beads سبحةالمرجانمطعمةبالفضة , Dotted Coral Prayer Beads with Silver سبحةالمرجانالمنقطبالفضة and many more wooden as well as stone made prayer beads. And this variety and uniqueness of our service makes our products better for you than any others.


Variety of Collections

Nusuki offers prayer beads of different colors, sizes, and materials. We currently have 47 types of prayer beads to provide you. This list includes-

All these varieties not only make Nusuki prayer beads perfect for yourself but also helps for your close ones as a gift too.


Best Price

As we said before, it is not only business for us. We choose the way to help people to zikr Allah. With the satisfied soul regarding the prayer materials, we want to make sure that all the Muslims get the opportunity to enjoy their choice. That’s why Nusuki has tried to combine different types of prayer beads with different prices.


Spiritual and Natural

Our product is highly natural and will provide you a luxurious and spiritual vibe. This product not only will help you to devote you, soul, to the creator, but also, you will be able to enjoy your ultimate mental satisfaction while being close to the natural ingredients.


Years of History

Nusuki presents several years of history in Makkah while satisfying all the visitors from around the world. Every year we make sure that people are leaving the holy place with a souvenir for their family and friends, and we try to provide the best product to each of them. Till now, all our customers have been satisfied with our service. So, you can trust us before going to buy prayer beads from Nusuki.


Are you leaving Makkah today? One of the best parts of visiting this holy place is keeping a part of it with you while returning to the home. While your family and friends are waiting for your return eagerly, let them receive a gift from you.

Nusuki contains different types of options and offers natural ingredients for your prayer. While you are satisfied visiting Makkah, take a piece of satisfaction with you for your close ones with Nusuki.