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Amouage Dia Eau de Parfum For Men 100 ML

Dia Eau de Parfum for Men is a strong yet tantalizing perfume that will ignite your senses. This Dia perfume will last you for a long time.Let the wild and rich fragrance of Dia by Amouage for Men - Eau de Parfum embrace you and take you to the world of blissful aromas. The Dia by Amouage brings you the arid wilderness of the desert, the spices of Zanzibar, and the freshness of the open Arabian Sea. Gentle, warm, chill, and breezy at the same time, the fragrance is strong enough to cut through smoke or any odor to give you all day freshness. Additionally, this is just the right choice for Men with an adventurous and lavish personality.


Price: 920 Saudi Riyal
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Category: French Perfume ,

Additional information

Base Note

Leather , patchouli , agarwood , and sandalwood

Middle Note

OpopoNax , incense , labdanum , and amber

Top Note

Pepper , oregano , and bergamot

Fragrance Family

Oriental and woody



Target Group



100 ML