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Prada Luna Rossa Sport

A PRADA fashion show is always a revelation, an utterly unique collection, composed of seemingly contradictory elements, designed to provoke a vivid reaction, at once intellectual and emotioN/Al. A PRADA perfume is the manifestation of that singular methodology. Start with something an idea, a technique, an exquisite ingredient then turn it over, play it backwards, break it into pieces, mix it with something unexpected. (And in doing so, ask a difficult question: why must we accept things the way they are?) then start to rebuild it in a manner that references the old but with the elements recombined. Suddenly something mysterious and alchemical happens, and the familiar is reinvented as something entirely new and surreal. PRADA perfumes are sensory hybrids composed with just such ideas in mind: lush olfactory investigations into the essence of contemporary beauty, fashion.
Price: 343 Saudi Riyal
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