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Sales through Nusuki’s website and customers’ use of the website and products along with the purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of the service

  • Please note that there are some cases when an order is canceled, unaccepted or cannot be processed. For example, if the product/s is unavailable, an error occurred with pricing, or the order is based on fraud, we will refund you for any canceled or unaccepted orders.
  • The intellectual property rights on the Nusuki’s website (including the content, text, website design, graphics, logos, photos, music, sound, wireframe, icons, software, and their selection and arrangement) is a property for Nusuki’s company. The entire contents of the website are also protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.
  • We reserve the right to change and edit the website according to the terms and conditions including the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the service.